Towers - A Gritty n Pretty Rock Band from Toronto.

TOWERS at TARG in Ottawa August 11

August 1, 2016

Sweet Alps // Album Release Show // with Towers and Grand Theft Ottawa // at TARG

Sweet Alps is releasing Chronos//Cosmos, our brand new album, on August 11th and we’re kicking it off at House of Targ with some awesome bands, perogies and pinball!

SWEET ALPS (Ottawa, ON) (11:30)
Characterized by male-female vocals, driving rhythms and melodic guitars, Sweet Alps has influences ranging from folk, pop and ska, to punk and post-hardcore. Sweet Alps creates the kind of music that makes you want to drink, dance and party to excess!

TOWERS (Toronto, ON) (10:30)
With razor sharp guitar and day dreaming harmonies, Towers borrow from artists like Led Zeppelin, The Beatles and other classics without being slated as a revival band. Said to be similar to the Black Keys and Tame Impala, Towers’ sound continues to draw on the best rock from all decades.

GRAND THEFT OTTAWA (Ottawa, ON) (9:30)
If you played stairway to heaven backwards, whilst running down a hill on a particularly windy day, playing an upright bass and singing Superfreak, you would get a sound that’s nothing like GTO (that would just be silly, dangerous and probably very abrasive, which is like them in description alone). However, if you combined Funk, Progressive Rock and old school Rock ‘n’ Roll, you’d be more on track.

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